Racing into a Crossroads…

For those of you who came out to run the inaugural Historic Germantown 5K, we are so thankful and hope you had a great time. Heading into that event we were so nervous, the pressure was high to get the first race right and we believe it turned out a great experience for all.

At Germantown we asked for feedback and you all kindly gave it to us. We are not here to rest on our laurels and to grow one must innovate, in the words of Ryan Talbot, “Stagnation is self-abdication.” We agree! We have a duty to fulfill and that duty is to produce the highest quality races and to give incredible value for the money people choose to spend on our events and for the time spent training and coming out on race day.

On August 11th we are producing our next event in Vandalia, The Crossroads 5K presented by New Balance Dayton. With all of your feedback in mind, here is a list of items we are improving to make your race experience better.

  • Numerous registration improvements
    1. Packet pick-up the day before at New Balance Dayton. Sleep a little extra on race day and go to New Balance on Friday to get your bib.
    2. More signage to clarify which lines are for pre-registered runners and those registering on race day.
    3. Switching to dynamic bib assignment, this means pre-registered runners can choose any of the 4 lanes (up from 1 lane at the first event) as we are assigning bib numbers as you check in.
    4. Keeping registration open until race morning. With the switch to dynamic bib assignments, there is no longer a need to close registration two days early.
    5. Race day registration can now be done at the venue on a personal phone or we will have a laptop onsite with a RunSignUp credit card swiper to handle race day registrations, no more paper registrations.
    6. Many people noted they were unfamiliar with signing the USATF liability waiver that is legally mandated. We are working with RunSignUp and USATF so that in 2019 the form will be signed electronically inside your registration; we are the first company to ask RunSignUp and USATF to integrate those operations and are pleased to announce they are working diligently on that request.
  • Start and Finish line improvements
    1. We purchased 300’ of custom fencing in order to create a more secure start and finish line chute. Preventing people from cutting across the area where runners stage and finish.
    2. New delineators, cone connectors, and more cones were purchased in order to more securely mark out the parking areas and runner staging areas. This will create more open space for runners to warm up, stretch, and hangout free of cars.
  • Volunteer improvements
    1. Our volunteers will get volt colored tech tees with the words “Race Crew” added on the shirts so that participants, their families, and friends can easily identify volunteers.
  • More merchandise and credit card security
    1. People loved our limited merch offerings at the first event, so way more merchandise is on the way.
    2. Our first credit card reader offered only a swipe feature, our new reader is chip enabled, a big step up in credit card security.

There are other various little improvements we are making but these are some of the highlights. This is only the beginning; we will take notes on what worked and what did not and aim to improve those elements headed into the final race, the Gem City Classic 5K in downtown Dayton on October 13th.

Lastly, we would be remiss if we did not take a moment to acknowledge our thanks for the runners who helped us raise $415 for the Historical Society of Germantown. Like the rest of the race though, we aim to improve that number at future events. We are partnered with Families of Addicts for our next two events and combined would like to raise $1K for them. This is a powerful charity doing incredible work fighting the addiction epidemic hitting the Miami Valley so hard. Anyone can donate to FOA via our registration page; all donations are 100% tax deductible and go directly to FOA. Thank you for your support of such a great cause!

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