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On the Meaning of Advanced

In my Freshman fall semester at the U.S. Air Force Academy, I joined the school’s marathon team and picked up a copy of “Advanced Marathoning” by the famous Pete Pfitzinger and his cohort Scott Douglas. The book was the subject of many comments from my peers asking what exactly made one an advanced marathoner?

It would take me the better part of the next five years to determine what made a marathoner and really any runner “advanced”. More importantly, I learned what advanced running is not. It is not how fast one is, how far one has run, how many miles one has logged over the years, or anything like that. Advanced running has always been and will always remain a mindset. A constant desire to grow as a runner in order to break the barriers placed upon us by our society, our peers, our family, and ultimately ourselves. It is to wake up every day and strive to be healthier, to go further, and go to faster, things that are relatively to every individual who takes up the sport. The common thread is merely a desire to push beyond where you are at now and where you think you could end up. That is what makes someone an advanced runner.

The Advanced Running Project exist to serve runners from every corner of the world who look to take the next step in their running every day. If running is more than just a hobby to you, if it is something that is part of the fabric of your being, and you only rest easy knowing you have tried to improve today as a runner and as a person, welcome home.