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Advanced Running Project Elite Team Powered by New Balance Dayton

About our Team

The Advanced Running Project believes in supporting local elites who have poured their heart and soul into running. That’s why in 2019 with the support of our friends at New Balance Dayton we started the ARP Elite team. More important to us than defining firm standards for what constitutes an elite, we sought runners who not only were fast but were fantastic ambassadors of the sport and most importantly, great members of our community. The individuals below comprise the ARP Elite team. Learn about their running and see what they’re up to in 2020!
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Ken Brunson - Veterinarian

  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I joined the team in high school because my friends did. I restarted running during my first veterinary job as a stress outlet, and I keep running because I fell in love with the process (to quote Des Linden) and like the constant challenge and reward of pushing myself further.
  • Favorite race distance? The half marathon!
  • Best Personal Record? My 2:58 at the 2019 Indy Monumental Marathon. I set sub 3 as my goal from my first marathon but repeatedly found myself dying on the back half of a marathon. It felt great to finally get it on the third go!
  • Favorite race memory? At a meet in high school, there was an absolute downpour in the middle of the race. There was something about it that felt like it distilled running into its most pure form, you vs. yourself and the elements.
  • Favorite pre-race meal? I’ll go with breakfast for this one, peanut butter with toast and mandarin oranges.
  • Favorite post-race meal? All the chocolate milk!
  • 2021 Running Goal? Break 2:45 at the Chicago Marathon is my main goal. If not, I plan to PR in as many distances as possible and top 3000 miles for the year (previous high was 2400).
  • Best tip for other runners? Run with friends with a similar mindset. It makes all the difference in the world to have a supportive group that keeps you accountable and keeps you going.
  • Random fact? I can’t whistle or snap my fingers for the life of me. People have tried to teach me. It doesn’t work.
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Kyle Eller - Air Force Program Manager

  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I started running in middle school because I grew up watching my brother run, and I thought it was the coolest thing. I keep coming back to it because it’s the place where everything happens at it finest.  Whether it’s a quiet place to think or pray, a place to get to know people more, or a place to push myself to new limits, running just spices things up in life.
  • Favorite race distance? The 5K, not too strategic but still fast!
  • Best Personal Record? 13:56 5K and 29:21 10K
  • Favorite race memory? Pumpkin Pie 5K 2019 with my wife. We got free pie at the end!
  • Favorite pre-race meal? A plain donut or waffles.  I need something I can trust to sit lightly in my stomach.
  • Favorite post-race meal? Burger and a milkshake!
  • 2021 Running Goal? Build volume back up and start hitting times. Im hoping for a nice half PR.
  • Best tip for other runners? Train smarter, not harder. Learn to love the sport and be a student of it and it will love you back.
  • Random fact? I am the self taught Bob Ross of coffee.
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Brandon Hough - Race Director

  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? My father was a lifelong runner and thus I began at the earliest age and never stopped. I keep running because when I do everything is right in the world. It allows me to organize my thoughts and push myself.
  • Favorite race distance? Easy, 5K raced on the track! Close 2nd is 10K on the road or track.
  • Best Personal Record? My 15:31 5K on the track or the time I ran 50:47 for 15K.
  • Favorite race memory? My 50:47 at the Gasparilla 15K. It represented a long road back from injuries and was one of my best all time efforts that ended with a strong finish as I moved from 11th to 6th overall.
  • Favorite pre-race meal? Angel hair pasta with marinara!
  • Favorite post-race meal? Chocolate chip cookies with milk!
  • 2021 Running Goal? Break 32:00 for 10K and run a 2:28 full marathon.
  • Best tip for other runners? Running is a long journey. There are highs and lows but if you keep running and stay consistent the highs keep getting higher! So stick with it!
  • Random fact? My first solo backpacking trip was the John Muir Trail, I hiked 250 miles over 8 days and summited two 14K foot mountains! Talk about learning on the go!
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Chris Lane - Performance Engineer

  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I began running in January of 2017. I keep doing it more many reasons: I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I love seeing where I can push myself physically/ mentally, and I love being able to run with my friends.
  • Favorite race distance? I love the marathon!
  • Best Personal Record? My 5:17 Mile, 3:04 Marathon, and a 6:35 Trail 50K
  • Favorite race memory? Coming out of the Brooklyn Bridge (NYC Marathon) and seeing thousands of fans cheering and the sound was deafening. Also pacing a fellow runner to a half PR.
  • Favorite pre-race meal? My favorite pre-race meal the night before is all the pasta I can eat. The pre-race meal day of, is a bagel with peanut butter and some gatorade.
  • Favorite post-race meal? Definitely either pizza or Mexican food and some beer.
  • 2021 Running Goal? Break 17′ in a 5K, 82′ in a half, and 2:50 for a full! (And grow 3 inches taller)
  • Best tip for other runners? My best advice would say, consistency is key. Try and find a group to run with, because they will help you most on the days where your motivation is zero. Lastly always remember you will feel 1000% better once the run is over even when you don’t feel like starting.
  • Random fact? I am an only child and I have no cousins!
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Eva Linkenbach - Nurse Practitioner

  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I started running the summer before high school. I had been a dancer since age 3, and I was ready for a change. I thought running couldn’t be too hard, so I joined the cross country team as a freshman. Even though I learned that running could, in fact, be very hard, I’ve been running ever since!
  • Favorite race distance? Love them all, but nothing shorter than 5K! If I had to choose, the full marathon!
  • Best Personal Record? The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in 2019, where I ran a Boston qualifying time of 3:28:26. And my half marathon PR of 1:36:12 because I ran it solo.
  • Favorite race memory? The Centerville Americana 5K in 2019. I beat my previous 5K PR by over 2 minutes even though it was a hot and humid day. I completely shocked myself with my time!
  • Favorite pre-race meal? Scrambled eggs with a superhero muffin (recipe from Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. my favorite cookbook).
  • Favorite post-race meal? Any and all breakfast foods. And a beer later in the day!
  • 2021 Running Goal? Commit to more speed workouts. Also, PR my half marathon time, which was supposed to happen at Carmel in April, but instead happened all by myself on May 2!
  • Best tip for other runners? Run with friends! It keeps running enjoyable, the miles fly by, and it can help improve your speed and endurance too!
  • Random fact? My husband is a major running shoe nerd! He reads about shoes and watches reviews on YouTube all the time. He remembers way more about running shoes than anything I tell him!
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Alyssa Kasak - New Balance Manager

  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I started running in 7th grade. At the time, I kept running just to go on xc trips with my friends. My real love for running started my sophomore year of college.
  • Favorite race distance? Love the half marathon!
  • Best Personal Record? My 19:41 at the Fargo 5k and 1:29:44 at the Desert Classic Half Marathon
  • Favorite race memory? The 2018 Boston Marathon will always be one of my favorite memories, however, I will surely never forget finishing the Fargo Marathon alongside my soon to be husband. It sure tested our relationship!
  • Favorite pre-race meal? I’m all over the place…spaghetti? Just try not to eat too late!
  • Favorite post-race meal? TACOS
  • 2021 Running Goal? To do a non-virtual race with hooomans!
  • Best tip for other runners? Your body is capable of way more than you think it is! Believe in yourself.
  • Random fact? I went on a solo wilderness trip in northern Minnesota as a freshman in high school. I spent 36 hours in the woods with just a tarp and my hiking backpack.
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Lesley Obstalecki - Personal Trainer

  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I began running when I was a junior in college to get exercise, just to the jail and back which was a 3 mile run.  I keep running for the sense of accomplishment, to keep improving, and because I have met some of the nicest people I know through running.
  • Favorite race distance? I like running marathons for the sense of accomplishment, but half marathons are much more manageable from a training and recovery standpoint.
  • Best Personal Record? It was a long-time goal to break 20 minutes in the 5k, so my 5k PR of 18:44 seems unreal, and my marathon PR of 3:21:11 (still shooting for sub 3:20).
  • Favorite race memory? Finishing the Boston Marathon for 6 consecutive years, and knowing that my Mom was waiting for me at the finishline, rain or shine, every single time.
  • Favorite pre-race meal? Usually pasta with meatballs and a salad.
  • Favorite post-race meal? Whatever sounds good, usually something salty like pretzels or chips.
  • 2021 Running Goal? I had signed up to run 2 marathons to beat 3:20 before they were cancelled. I’d still like to beat 3:20, but more realistically, I’d like to keep racing via through these awesome virtual races.
  • Best tip for other runners? Cross training is important to maintain fitness without getting burned out on running.
  • Random fact? I love working with people when they begin running. It’s so amazing to watch them transform and start crushing their own running goals!
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Jake McCubbin - Air Force

  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I started running in 7th grade to compliment soccer conditioning. I keep running because there’s always room to improve/grow. I want my kids to be proud of what I’ve accomplished and be an inspiration for them.
  • Favorite race distance? The 10 Miler!
  • Best Personal Record? My marathon of 2:35:53 and Half Marathon at 1:11:38
  • Favorite race memory? Winning the 2018 Air Force Marathon
  • Favorite pre-race meal? Pizza and Maurten 320 Mix
  • Favorite post-race meal? A Texas Roadhouse Filet and a tall beer!
  • 2021 Running Goal? Run a sub 70′ half marathon and a 2:28 full marathon!
  • Best tip for other runners? Be patient, trust the process, and listen to your body.
  • Random fact? I could eat Chipotle everyday for the rest of my life!
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Irene Musgrove - Graphic Designer

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  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I began running when I was in the eighth grade, joining the middle school cross country team and quitting rec league soccer. I keep running because it allows me to set clear goals and constantly better myself every day.
  • Favorite race distance? 5K! Whether it’s road or XC, I love the speed and grit that come with this relatively short distance.
  • Best Personal Record? My 5k of 20:45 and my 26.2 in 3:26:03
  • Favorite race memory? 2019 Medtronics Twin Cities Marathon – Sprinting down Summit Avenue under a giant American flag as the cathedral bells were ringing, knowing I had just clinched my first BQ with a substantial buffer!
  • Favorite pre-race meal? Bagel with PB, add a banana if I am racing a half or full marathon.
  • Favorite post-race meal? Pizza!!! Usually from a local place wherever I have raced.
  • 2021 Running Goal? Break 20′ for the 5K, 1:35 for the half, and run a Boston Qualifier (again).
  • Best tip for other runners? Don’t neglect strength training! It’s a great supplement to your running for adding power and decreasing the chance for injury!
  • Random fact? I have recently picked up embroidery as a fun hobby!
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Jess Ramsey - Financial Analyst

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  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I started running in 7th grade because all of my friends signed up for the track team and I thought it was cool. Now I use running as a way to stay fit and somedays it’s my social hour with friends and others it’s my own time to recharge.
  • Favorite race distance? The full marathon, crazy right?
  • Best Personal Record? My half marathon PR of 1:27 and marathon PR of 3:05!
  • Favorite race memory? Beating my half marathon PR on the same course two years later with a time 1 second faster!
  • Favorite pre-race meal? Bagels and a honey stinger cracker bar.
  • Favorite post-race meal? Pizza and cheese fries!
  • 2021 Running Goal? My goal was to run a marathon PR which I did in February so now I’m off the hook for the rest of the year!
  • Best tip for other runners? Don’t force it! Consistency over time will help you get to your goals.
  • Random fact? Speaking from experience… Ordering bottomless fries the night before a marathon is not a wise decision.
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Maria Scavuzzo - Registered Dietitian

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  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I began running in 7th grade when I did middle school cross country. I keep running because it is a passion of mine, it brings me joy, and allows me to live fearlessly. Running has also brought me so many special people in my life.
  • Favorite race distance? I love all distances but favorites are the 10K and marathon.
  • Best Personal Record? My 2:37:52 full marathon and 33:35 10K.
  • Favorite race memory? My Olympic Trials Qualifier performance of 2:37:52 at the 2019 Columbus Marathon. I had the support of my amazing friends and family the entire marathon. I ran side by side with my amazing fiancé Jake Brumfield most of the way. Being handed the American Flag at the finish line and hugging my family was a moment I will never forget.
  • Favorite pre-race meal? A steak, sweet potato, & broccoli with a side of bread at Longhorns with my fiancé.
  • Favorite post-race meal? Chipotle burrito bowl with extra guacamole.
  • 2021 Running Goal? My goal is to continue to have fun and test my running potential. I’d also like to win the Columbus Marathon.
  • Best tip for other runners? What my mom always tells me, “Why not me?”. This quote has allowed me to dream big.
  • Random fact? My fiance Jake also runs for ARP Elite. I also pooped my pants the entire Olympic Trials Marathon, so never give up no matter what happens during a race because shit can happen, literally!
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Brett Stover - Process Development Engineer

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  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I began running in the spring/summer of 2017. I Started just to get in shape but it has since become a challenge to see how much I can improve.
  • Favorite race distance? The full marathon.
  • Best Personal Record? My 2:45:42 full marathon
  • Favorite race memory? Finishing my first marathon, the Flying Pig 2018. As someone who, less than a year before had never ran a race longer than 400 meters, the feeling of accomplishment was huge.
  • Favorite pre-race meal? Chipotle!
  • Favorite post-race meal? Definitely pizza!
  • 2021 Running Goal? Break 75′ for a half marathon and run a 2:36 full marathon.
  • Best tip for other runners? You get out of it what you put in, put in the work and great results will come.
  • Random fact? I am “technically” 2 for 3 against Brandon in the half marathon!
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Allison Stover - Educator

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  • When did you begin running and why do you keep doing it? I began running in 7th grade on the track team and ran through high school but didn’t really get back into it seriously until 2013. What keeps me going is knowing that my daily run is guaranteed time each day either for just myself or to share with friends.
  • Favorite race distance? The half and full marathon.
  • Best Personal Record? My 2:53:27 marathon and my 36:22 10K
  • Favorite race memory? The sheer amusement of running in the horrid weather at the 2018 Boston Marathon. After that, I can run in any type of weather!
  • Favorite pre-race meal? I almost always eat Chipotle the night before a big race, and get the same thing every time.
  • Favorite post-race meal? Breakfast, regardless of what time of day it is. Bring me the coffee, pancakes, bacon, and eggs!
  • 2021 Running Goal? Healthily build back to form after giving birth!
  • Best tip for other runners? Embrace every day you can run, including the bad days, because as long as you’re running, you’re still moving forward.
  • Random fact? I like to decorate cakes, and as a result eat way more dessert than I should.
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